At Muvum we are always at the forefront of new technologies. We have a group of strategic allies to offer a comprehensive portfolio of AUTOMATED and specialized SOLUTIONS to transform the intralogistics of our customers and take it to the next level: Industry 4.0.

The Online Sales Channel has put extra pressure on the entire supply chain resulting in an increased demand for targeted automation.

We create solutions tailored to the future challenges of our customers. We are a team with more than 20 years providing logistics solutions in different countries and multiple sectors.

how do we do it?

1. Analysis

We start from the analysis of our customers' needs.

2. Design

We design a cost-efficient solution.

3. Result

We turn a solution into reality.

Smart Warehouses?

We create solutions tailored to the future challenges of our clients. We have international partners who are experts in all the technologies and methodologies to achieve this.

Automated solutions for a wide variety of product types, channels and industries.




  • Automatic conveying solutions
  • Sorter Automatic
  • Transportation planning and optimization
  • Picking equipment using AI
  • Robotic solutions
  • Automatic Palletizers
  • Automated Storage (AS/RS)


Move your heavy or light products at full speed through your CEDI.


  • Sorts any type of product at high speeds and maximum accuracy.
  • Serves multiple channels.
  • Serves multiple industries.

Reduce transportation costs and improve your customer service in last mile deliveries.

Performs picking with state-of-the-art technology.

AMRs and AGVs are autonomous goods handling equipment.

It speeds up the assembly and disassembly of pallets box by box or by layers.

Get the most out of your storage space.

Muv- Automatización


Maximum levels of productivity and precision.

Increased speed and responsiveness to changes in demand.

Minimal labor dependence.

Maximum use of storage space.


We complement our portfolio of solutions and services through partnerships with software and technology providers of equipment such as sorting sorters, automated order picking, autonomous mobility robots, among others.

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