MUV – WMS is a cloud-hosted (SaaS) solution for managing and controlling processes, resources, and inventory in Distribution Centers.

The first step to automating your distribution center is to have a WMS. Smoothness, organization, and control of information and tasks within your distribution center.

MUV – WMS is a proprietary solution from MUVUM, a company with more than 20 years of experience providing logistics solutions.

We provide an added value to our customers, implementing a software for your logistics that has been developed by ourselves as logistics experts.


Our customers gain control and visibility of who, when and where the different tasks are executed in the CEDI.

1. Receipt

2. Storage

3. Preparation and dispatch

4. Shipping

5. Audit

1. Recibo

2. Almacenamiento

3. Preparación y despacho

4. Embarque

5. Auditoría


Our WMS LIM has all the functionalities for the complete management and operation of the processes and products of a distribution center.

Efficiently manage the execution of the processes of reception, location, preparation and dispatch of orders.

Control product locations, zones, quantities, movements and storage rules.

Schedule auditing tasks, counts, cyclic and global inventories of the distribution center.

Facilitate - User-friendly interface for all users.

Display real-time productivity indicators of the process and users.

Muv- WMS


Improves the productivity of the entire product process cycle from incoming to outgoing product.

Ensures traceability of all processes: who, when, where and what.

Plans and executes order waves, performs picking efficiently and with different methodologies, reduces routes.

Improves the execution of kits and/or value-added processes.

Make better decisions with historical movement information.

No more paper, stop working with fragmented, incomplete or outdated information.

Reduces the learning curve for new users inside the warehouse.

We are not a software company implementing a logistics software, we are a logistics company implementing its own logistics software.



What makes us different?


We go beyond implementing software. At Muvum we diagnose and propose improvements for your operation.

1. Diagnosis

Visits to understand and diagnose the operation.

2. Development

Integration, customization, training, marking, testing.

3. Start-up

Start-up, accompaniment, Go-Live.


We complement our portfolio of solutions and services through partnerships with software and technology providers of equipment such as sorting sorters, automated order picking, autonomous mobility robots, among others.