Put to wall is a versatile, easy to use and quick to implement semi-automated solution for the preparation of online orders (few units).

With our solution, customers increase picking speed while reducing errors, streamlining the entire online order preparation process (picking, sorting, checking, packing and labeling).

With a brief interaction with the front-end devices, the operator sorts the items, one at a time, to their packing locations. The same items are previously picked on conveyors indistinctly from the warehouse in groups called waves. The devices at the rear guide the order control and packing process.

Tailor-made solution for each customer and their products.

Put to wall process

1. Batch Picking

Create a picking list from a set of orders also known as "order waves".

2. Consolidated Picking

Picking of all orders in the storage area.

In this way, routes are reduced and the picking process is made more effective.

3. Classify

To carry out the enlistment of orders Put to Light (PTL) + Pick to Light (PTL). Each unit is scanned and a light will indicate where it should be placed. A light will indicate when an order is complete.

4. Sellar

Automatic generation of guides through integration with conveyor. Print labels, invoices, packing lists, etc. Pack and seal orders in the respective packaging units (boxes, bags, etc.).

Do you have any of

High number of orders with few units (2 or 3).

High error rate.

Complexity in the number of references and SKUs.

Low productivity of operators per hour.

Very high demand peaks.

Short enlistment time due to promise of service.

Muv- Put To Wall


Intuitive and dynamic user experience.

It connects through an API and/or flat files.

Integrable and compatible with all ERP, WMS, MRP.

"Digital twin" virtual environment to emulate the physical operation.

Easily configurable and adaptable to the needs of each warehouse (size, wired or wireless connectivity, fixed or mobile).

Easy hardware maintenance.

Increases efficiency in the operation: reduces displacements, avoids errors, optimizes manpower and movements.

Simplifies and standardizes picking tasks.

Management dashboards of key indicators of the different processes for each user.


We complement our portfolio of solutions and services through partnerships with software and technology providers of equipment such as sorting sorters, automated order picking, autonomous mobility robots, among others.

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