Cart picking is a solution that allows you to optimally navigate through the warehouse while simultaneously picking and picking several orders at the same time.
With the help of displays and illuminated buttons, picking productivity is increased and errors in order picking and routing in the distribution center are reduced.


1. Batch Picking

Batch picking / Wave of orders according to the number of Picking Cart outputs.

2. Route and execution

Picking tasks.

3. Ordering guide for dispatch

Distribute product to each Cart position / confirmed picking line, as indicated by the PICK TO LIGHT devices. Label printing at order or packing unit closing. Generation of dispatch guide through integration with conveyor.

4. Office

Packing units/orders ready for the dispatch area.

Do you have any of

High number of orders.

Accuracy in picking.

Increase picking efficiency.

Cart picking

Muv- Cart Picking


Intuitive and dynamic user experience.

It connects through an API and/or flat files.

Integrable and compatible with all ERP, WMS, MRP.

"Digital twin" virtual environment to emulate the physical operation.

Easily configurable and adaptable to the needs of each warehouse (size, wired or wireless connectivity, fixed or mobile).

Easy hardware maintenance.

Increases efficiency in the operation: reduces displacements, avoids errors, optimizes manpower and movements.

Simplifies and standardizes picking tasks.

Management dashboards of key indicators of the different processes for each user.


We complement our portfolio of solutions and services through partnerships with software and technology providers of equipment such as sorting sorters, automated order picking, autonomous mobility robots, among others.

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