Optimize your storage
operation with our
Put To Wall System

In the digital era, where speed and precision are vital for e-commerce, the Put To Wall (PTW) system emerges as a revolutionary solution for online order fulfillment. This semi-automated system is not only versatile and easy to use but also quickly deployable, tailored to each customer and their specific product needs.

How Does Muv - Put To Wall Work?

The PTW optimizes the order fulfillment process through a series of structured steps that increase efficiency and reduce errors:

Batch Picking:

A picking list is prepared for a set of orders, known as “order waves,” allowing multiple orders to be prepared simultaneously.

Picking consolidate:

Operators pick all necessary items in the storage area, significantly reducing movements within the warehouse and making the picking process more efficient.


Perform order picking using the Put to Light (PTL) + Pick to Light (PTL) methodologies. Each unit is scanned, and a light will indicate where it should be placed. Likewise, a light
signal will indicate when an order is complete.

Sealing and shipping:

The system automatically generates dispatch guides and labels. Orders are packaged and sealed in their respective packing units, ready for shipping.

Key Benefits of Muv - Put To Wall

Is Muv - Put To Wall Right for You?

If your operation faces challenges such as high volumes of orders with few units, a high percentage of picking errors, or needs quick adaptation to demand peaks, the Put To Wall system may be the solution you are looking for to transform your e-commerce logistics.

In a market that increasingly demands speed and precision, investing in a system like Put To Wall will not
only optimize your operations but also provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Ready to revolutionize your logistics?