MUV – DIGITAL INTEGRATION HUB WITH CARRIERS HUB for digital integration with conveyors is an API that allows the automation of the generation of waybills and homologation of shipping labels with different conveyors. Request consultation Do you have any of these needs? Generate guides in bulk with multiple conveyors. Print labels approved by each conveyor on a common type of…

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diseño de redes

MUV – Automation

MUV – AUTOMATION At Muvum we are always at the forefront of new technologies. We have a group of strategic allies to offer a comprehensive portfolio of AUTOMATED and specialized SOLUTIONS to transform the intralogistics of our customers and take it to the next level: Industry 4.0. The Online Sales Channel has put extra pressure on the entire supply chain…

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MUV – WCS Sorters

Solicita Asesoría MUV – WCS SORTERS WCS Sorters is software that instructs a sorter to distribute goods or SKUs according to instructions from a host system (ERP or WMS). Request consultation Do you have any of these Needs? High shipping volume. Simplify the task of printing and labeling boxes. Reduce labor costs. Increase the level of service. Integrar un sorter…

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Cart picking

MUV – Cart Picking

MUV – CART PICKING Cart picking is a solution that allows you to optimally navigate through the warehouse while simultaneously picking and picking several orders at the same time. With the help of displays and illuminated buttons, picking productivity is increased and errors in order picking and routing in the distribution center are reduced. Request consultation PROCESS 1. Batch Picking Batch…

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put to wall

MUV – Put to wall (PTW)

MUV – PUT TO WALL Put to wall is a versatile, easy to use and quick to implement semi-automated solution for the preparation of online orders (few units). With our solution, customers increase picking speed while reducing errors, streamlining the entire online order preparation process (picking, sorting, checking, packing and labeling). With a brief interaction with the front-end devices, the…

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Pick to light (PTL)

MUV – Pick to light (PTL)

MUV-PICK TO LIGHT (PTL) Pick to Light (PTL) makes it possible for an operator to quickly and easily find the correct location using devices with displays and lighted buttons, each representing a product in its storage location. In addition to guiding the operator to the exact location, the displays show the exact quantity to pick, and the buttons are used…

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Put to light (PTL)

MUV – Put to Light(PTL)

MUV – PUT TO LIGHT (PTL) Put to Light (PTL) is a semi-automated solution that optimizes the order preparation process in a warehouse through displays and lighted buttons. With our solution, clients increase the SPEED of order preparation while REDUCING ERRORS, making the entire online order preparation process (picking, sorting, verification, packing, and labeling) more efficient. These devices guide users…

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MUV – WMS MUV – WMS is a cloud-hosted (SaaS) solution for managing and controlling processes, resources, and inventory in Distribution Centers. The first step to automating your distribution center is to have a WMS. Smoothness, organization, and control of information and tasks within your distribution center. MUV – WMS is a proprietary solution from MUVUM, a company with more…

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