Processes are increasingly being digitized and robotized with the emergence of new technologies proposing a significant transformation in the logistics sector. The challenge is to stay as up-to date as possible, have trained personnel to handle the new tools, and be abreast of the environmental needs required by the planet.

What does the logistics sector need?

Lean Manufacturing

Industry 4.0

E-commerce Businesses

Agile Project Management

Likewise, logistics companies must automate and digitize processes, be sustainable to reduce environmental impact, personalize, and adapt to the individual needs of each client.

The topic of green logistics is within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 agenda, whose aim is to create alternatives that are environmentally friendly and mitigate the impact on the planet of companies’ production and distribution. Seeking biodegradable packaging, having efficient logistics chains, and using sustainable transportation are some of the requirements that consumers demand when hiring a service.

We live in a world that moves very quickly, and therefore, we want our packages to arrive as soon as possible. For this, blockchain, is very valuable, that is, the elimination of intermediaries, to have better data control and transparency in the process. Likewise, drones, autonomous trucks, and 24-hour service help satisfy that desire for immediacy. Additionally, the user also needs to know where their delivery is going, how many units are available, etc., and to provide this information in real-time, 5G technology and more devices are used in the supply chain.

Logistics companies must have the flexibility to understand their customer’s needs and provide solutions accordingly. Currently, we have consumers who will demand higher levels of service, hence the importance of Big Data para ir un paso adelante y comprender los requisitos del mercado.

A logistics brand with a future is one that manages stock, stores in the cloud, uses drones, automates processes, is transparent, secure, and sustainable.